About Us

Our Story

RevJet started as a platform within Delasoft’s suite of data management tools and has only grown from there. Collaborating with our clients inspired new features and frontiers, and it became clear that RevJet was more than just a product.


Satish Dola and Jay West established RevJet as an independent company, creating room to expand, innovate, and explore new features for our aviation clients. Our team of developers, product managers, and industry professionals strive to create enduring solutions for a dynamic field.


RevJet benefits from the years of experience of its Delasoft alumni and the chance to work with members of the aviation industry, customizing RevJet’s features and utilities in a real-life environment. Under the eye of a community of clients, contractors, and team members, RevJet continues to expand its toolkit and identify new and exciting possibilities for airport software solutions.

Our Mission

RevJet’s mission is to provide high-utility, cost-effective software to airport managers and aviation leadership across the United States and beyond. Our focus on dynamic design and innovation is a part of our promise to push the boundaries of the field and develop new ideas and practices.