About Us

Our Story

RevJet started as a platform within Delasoft’s suite of data management tools and has only grown from there. Collaborating with our clients inspired new features and frontiers, and it became clear that RevJet was more than just a product.


Satish Dola and Jay West established RevJet as an independent company, creating room to expand, innovate, and explore new features for our aviation clients. Our team of developers, product managers, and industry professionals strive to create enduring solutions for a dynamic field.


RevJet benefits from the years of experience of its Delasoft alumni and the chance to work with members of the aviation industry, customizing RevJet’s features and utilities in a real-life environment. Under the eye of a community of clients, contractors, and team members, RevJet continues to expand its toolkit and identify new and exciting possibilities for airport software solutions.

Our Mission

RevJet’s mission is to provide high-utility, cost-effective software to airport managers and aviation leadership across the United States and beyond. Our focus on dynamic design and innovation is a part of our promise to push the boundaries of the field and develop new ideas and practices. 


Board of Directors

Kenneth G.  Moen — AAE

Ken is a life-long learner that began with his enlistment in the US Army in 1977 and baptism by basic training. This experience was followed by Army air traffic control school and subsequent graduation from community college. In 1982, Ken began his career as an air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration while earning BS Professional Aeronautics and Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Ken simultaneously owned a publishing and printing company for 15 years during his FAA career and developed and created community publications that included Northern Nevada Business Weekly and Wolf Pack Edge.  

Following retirement from the FAA in 2009, Ken spent a year at Baghdad International Airport training Iraqi controllers and supporting US Military operations with Washington Consulting Group. Ken began his civilian airport career in 2011 at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport advancing through airport operations and administration. Ken completed his AAE airport management accreditation in July 2016. In 2018, Ken assumed the airport manager position at the Carson City Airport (CXP) until retiring in March 2021. While at CXP, Ken worked closing with Delasoft on the beta version of the RevJet 360 platform. RevJet 360 was tested in “real world” applications and refined for everyday airport management use. Ken has been married to Denise for 38 years…in a row! Ken is a father of two and grandpa of one. 

Satish Dola

Satish is a strategic leader within RevJet’s executive team. Overseeing and directing RevJet’s design and expansion, Satish guides the trajectory of the company and its products. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics & Communications and MBA from SV University and has been working as a entrepreneur and senior executive in IT and software development for over 20 years. The current founder of Delasoft, Inc. Satish has been with RevJet since its inception as a platform under Delasoft’s umbrella.

Jay West

Jay is a key member of RevJet’s executive leadership. He helps chart a course for RevJet’s newest features and ideas, targets new markets, and identifies key objectives and strategies for the company. Previously Jay was Vice President and General Manager of the Americas for Objective Systems Integration and then moved on to become President and CEO of Sequel Systems. He has also served as lead sales and marketing executive with both public and private companies. Jay brings a wealth of experience working with large clients in both the enterprise and government arena around the world.

Product Team

Haseeb Iqbal

Haseeb has been providing expertise as a test lead for GIS products and product manager. He works with state and local entities to understand customer needs and requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction. As RevJet’s lead product manager he works with clients to target pain points and solutions, and opportunities for new features and utilities.

Claire Korzekwa

Claire began working as a freelance content and technical writer in 2018. She holds a B.A. in English and B.A. in Political Science from Georgia College & State University. Her work has been featured by trade publications, textbooks, and academic journals. She began working with the RevJet team as a product manager in 2021.