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Tools at Your Fingertips

A configurable dashboard prioritizes your airport’s daily operations. Easily access permit creation, account management, and billing from a central location.

Automate Key Tasks with Configurable Business Rules

Stay on top of billing, insurance, inspections, and more with automated tasks, customizable notifications, and edit histories. Schedule invoices and set late fees, communicate with customers, vendors, and FBOs, and streamline your workflows. Enhance transparency and paper trail generation with automated and custom notices and an account-specific message board.

Track Revenue and Data with Ad Hoc and Canned Reports

Powerful, flexible reporting helps your team access and organize data. Identify trends, track revenue and profits, and monitor accounts and activity with a variety of pre-generated and custom reports.

Cutting Edge Software

RevJet brings airport management to the cutting edge with cloud-based software, configurable architecture, and powerful revenue tools.
Manage your airport from your browser and equip your staff with intuitive tools for their daily responsibilities. RevJet’s high-utility, user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage tenants, collect revenue, track billing, and manage based aircraft.
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Build your RevJet Package

RevJet offers you flexibility in choosing the tools you need for your airport. Our goal is to make quality, customized airport software solutions that are affordable and user friendly. Select a number of features to add to your RevJet package and estimate your price point.

Step One: Select Your Features

Choose which modules you would like to implement:

Lease Management

Easily manage leases and tenants with a suite of browser-based utilities. Lease Management features the following tools:

  • Account Management
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Online payment portal
  • Property Management Toolkit
  • Hangar Leasing, with listing manager and leasing agreements
  • Custom SKUs, including Fuel Flowage, Rent, Utilities, and gate fees
  • Tiedown and T-shade reservation system
  • Dynamic Reports

Badge Management

Streamline airport access and account holders with RevJet’s cloud-based account directory. Equip your team with highly- configurable, user-friendly utilities, including the following:

  • Account management tools
  • Digitized application process
  • Customizable roles and permissions
  • Editable FBO Directory
  • Transponder and gate key logs
  • Account fees and billing
  • Event logs
  • Dynamic reports

Ground Vehicle Management

Track ground vehicles and monetize commercial passenger traffic with our vehicle permitting systesm. Ground Vehicle Management features the following utilities:

  • Online permit application
  • Configurable workflows for permitting, billing, and accounts
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Online payment portal for guests and account holders
  • Event log
  • Dynamic reports

Additionally, our team can assist you with implementing a camera-based license plate recognition system that automatically detects traffic and generates events.

Flight Tracking

Manage and analyze arrivals and departures and monetize Part 121/135 flights with RevJet’s Flight Tracking Module. Our team will help you implement ADS-B transponders and integrate with Motion Information Systems’ state-of-the-art ADS-B data interface.

  • Track aircraft position, call-sign, and type
  • Automatic event generation for aircraft arrivals and departures
  • Automatic revenue generation for Part 121/135 operations
  • Event log and automatic invoicing
  • Custom SKU’s for aircraft activity type

Motion Information Systems also features geographic data visualization with a live traffic feed for ADS-B equipped aircraft.


ADS-B is the future of aircraft and traffic management. Our team will help you implement the technology and equip your staff with tools to engage the data.

Step Two: Choose Your Tier

At RevJet, we want your team to experience all the benefits RevJet has to offer. That’s why we offer discounts and bonus features when you choose a bundled package.


Choose any two features:

  • Lease Management
  • Badge Management
  • Commercial Vehicle Permitting
  • Flight Tracking

Enjoy 10% off your monthly subscription cost.


RevJet +

Choose any three features:

  • Lease Management
  • Badge Management
  • Commercial Vehicle Permitting
  • Flight Tracking

Enjoy 15% off your monthly subscription cost.



All RevJet features included:

  • Lease Management
  • Badge Management
  • Commercial Vehicle Permitting
  • Flight Tracking

Enjoy 20% off your monthly subscription cost and additional utility—our airport security event log and inspection checklist module

Or, select individual features and modules a la carte. Our team is also happy to discuss customization with you.

Step Three: Contact Us

To get a comprehensive cost estimate and personalized monthly subscription rate, reach out to us via our online form or by phone or email. Our team is always ready to schedule a full demonstration of your chosen features.


RevJet puts the tools in your hands, with user-friendly, powerful software accessible from your browser. Start collecting revenue from key airport operations, track activity and trends, and keep your finger on the pulse of aviation. Take the next step towards streamlined, affordable airport management, and schedule your no-obligation implementation assessment today.

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“The Carson City Airport staff has been working closely with REVJet 360 to customize their software solution to meet the particular needs of our airport. REVJet 360 staff has been very flexible and has proven to be a valuable partner in helping the airport manage its permits, tenants, and on-airport businesses. The REVJet 360 software solution will make the Carson City Airport staff more efficient in managing our customer relationships. Efficiency equals profitability.”

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