Client Airport Implementation

RevJet360 — Badge Management and Applications

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The client airport manages an average of 236 operations per day, along with a large number of badge holders and tenants. RevJet worked with the airport manager to develop a custom system for badging, applications, and automatic billing.

The Business Need

Airport staff required a flexible, custom solution to reduce badge management backlog, simplify applications, and track payment and company records. The challenges of this project included a highly detailed specifications and needs, including the following:
  • The software needed to offer customizable applications.
  • The software needed to offer internal and external users’ individual access.
  • The software needed to support individual company records.
  • The software needed to feature comprehensive document libraries.
  • The software needed to allow manual and custom status changes.
  • The software needed to allow multi-step information capture and review processes.
  • The software needed to feature a payment portal, custom payment entries, and invoice and receipt templates.
  • The software needed to offer customizable stock keeping units (SKU).
  • The software needed to offer customizable billing cycles.
  • The software needed to provide record trails, including receipts, edit histories, and notices.
  • The software needed to offer dynamic reporting.
RevJet designed the solution to meet these requirements with highly configurable architecture, customizable to the client needs. The solution can capture vital information, with a user-friendly, accessible interface, intuitive records, and data management tools, and offer external users’ customizable access to their individual records.

The Solution

To meet the business need, RevJet developers created a configurable applications module with custom status changes, roles, and permissions, flexible information screens, automatic notifications, and digital document management. Structured workflows and statuses with a user-friendly form builder equip airport staff with the ability to create new applications, customize and edit existing applications, and tailor the process to meet their needs. RevJet integrated a secured payment portal based on governing authority’s standards with custom permit fees, application fees, renewal fees, and customizable invoice cycles. External guest accounts allow FBOs, tenants, guests, and badge holders to view and pay their account balance, update documentation, and renew applications.

The Process

Our process includes three phases: specifications and design, configuration and development, and deployment and testing. We remain communicative with our clients throughout each phase, with regular status reports, demos, and progress analysis.

Specifications and Design

In the interest of building a comprehensive but flexible specification for development, our team met with airport staff numerous times to analyze and understand the department’s current system and practices. We leveraged our business and technical expertise to thoroughly document airport workflows and business practices. Based on existing practices, we identified a strong foundation that could be used not only to support the client’s practices, but could be tailored to other airports’ practices, to create a consistent, adaptable platform for airport management. Our team created detailed specifications for implementation within the platform.  Where requirements were incompatible with the platform, we identified opportunities to enhance the platform to fit or made changes to the workflows to achieve the requirements in a different way.

Unique challenges included:
  • Maintaining configurability while recreating the expected guided workflows
  • Identifying ways to reduce and archive redundant records while maintaining
  • Closely meeting client workflows and practices while developing an adaptable codebase

Configuration and Development
During the configuration and development phase, our team tackled the challenges of the project with innovative problem solving.  We regularly communicated with the airport, demonstrated application functionality as it was created, and revised our goals based on new obstacles and client feedback. We followed FAA guidelines and worked with the CXP staff to implement features and changes to create an overall more effective solution.

Key features of the solution implemented include:
  • An application builder with custom fields to capture key information.
  • Individual company records with guest accounts and customizable user permissions.
  • Digital document libraries with custom folders for document upload.
  • Custom billing and SKUs to simplify billing.
  • Permit management for badging.
  • An event log tool for inspections, with notes, image upload, and time stamps.
  • A streamlined dashboard that prioritizes allows quick access to communications and records.
During this development phase, we conducted initial testing, troubleshooting, and product improvement, received feedback from airport staff, and revised our list of goals and objectives.

Deployment and Testing
During the deployment phase, our team worked with airport staff and leadership to deploy the solution to the client’s infrastructure and assessed the software’s performance in the new environment. We diagnosed initial IT concerns and resolved any issues that arose during implementation.

The Outcome
The solution is now operational at the airport. As a founding installation of RevJet360, our team continues to work with airport staff to implement updates, refine module planning, and identify potential enhancements for the system.