Badge Management

Airport badge management and airside access control is a challenge for airport management. Employees of both the airport or airport businesses and aeronautical service providers come and go and each one of them needs to go through the badging process.

Airport managers and staff have the responsibility of vetting and approving badge-holders at their airports, but with a growing aviation community and increased security needs, typical badge management procedures are in desperate need of support.

RevJet360 aims to address the key areas of badge management, support airport managers, and pave the way for new approaches to managing data and security.

Badge Management Challenges

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date data on badges is vital to saving time and money and maintaining airport security standards. But as the aviation community grows, the demands for badges and more convenient, streamlined processes are growing too.

Airport managers are left to fill the gap, as increasing numbers of applications pile up, old records grow more out of date, and backlogs of data shift become major projects.

Regular data maintenance supports efficiency and cuts down on waste, but paper record-keeping and rigid accounts software make it difficult to maintain healthy data.


RevJet’s Badge Management Module is designed to support regular data validation and easy management of badges, applications, documents, company records, and more.

Sort and export records by year and status, set renewals to keep track of who is and is not a current badge holder, and easily retrieve the record you need with user-friendly data interfaces.

Converting to RevJet has helped our clients sort and deactivate hundreds of out-of-date and expired badge records, and the transition to digital applications makes communication with applicants simple and accessible.

Accessible Records

For data-heavy processes like badge management, easy access to records is key. Not only does RevJet offer vital data management tools like search, filter, and sort functions, but data can be accessed remotely, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Your secure login keeps records safe, while allowing you to access records from your browser. This is particularly useful for staff members who travel, managers who oversee multiple airports, and remote work.

The beauty of cloud-based software is in its flexibility. Now more than ever, airport managers need easy access to data, and intuitive tools for navigating them. RevJet’s secure servers protect sensitive  data, while offering convenient access to account details, notifications, and dynamic report capabilities.


RevJet equips airport managers with not only the tools to review and approve applications, but also an intuitive application builder that lets you create custom application types with unique workflows, statuses, requirements, and more. RevJet is built on the concept that the most effective solution is one that equips you with the tools to stay up to date and customize settings without needing to adjust the base code.

RevJet’s application builder lets you create new badge types, set up unique applications, and convert your paper process to digital with minimal adjustments to your existing procedure. No coding experience is needed to build multi-step application processes, tailored to your needs. You can capture custom information, require document uploads, and set your own workflow for your applications.


Track badges across companies and master lease holders, maintain document libraries, manage insurance, and track account balances with RevJet’s account directory and guest user system. Assign external users to accounts, create and issue invoices, send notifications and notices, and communicate with badge holders throughout the badging process.

Easily keep track of what badges are out, set renewal deadlines, assign late fees, and keep a record of violations and activity in individual records.


Require application processing fees, badge fees, security deposits, replacement fines and more with RevJet’s billing tool. Customers have the freedom to pay online with credit card or ACH or submit checks and cash for manual input.

How Do I Get Started?

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