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The Sunset of 100LL Fuel

With the ongoing clash between Santa Clara County and Reid-Hillview airport dominating public discussion leaded fuels (100 Low-Lead, or 100LL), it can be difficult to sort out the issues that underlie the transition from leaded to unleaded avgas. In our conversations with airports and pilots, we’ve had the chance to hear about the different challenges […]

Based Aircraft Reporting

Capturing and reporting based aircraft is an essential task for airport managers, and emerging technologies are on the rise, making it easier to track and report key aircraft data. ADS-B data provides vital landing statistics and aircraft location data. Meanwhile, lease management software allows tenants or staff to upload entries to a based aircraft log.

Paperwork Reduction Act

Why Automated Lease Management Should be Your Airport’s Next Goal When your staff has dozens or even hundreds of agreements to maintain, the requirements of tracking invoices, payments, utility billing, maintenance requests, insurance documents, and waitlists can cripple your team’s efficiency and productivity. Cloud-based lease management software optimizes the revenue that your airport receives from […]

Badge Management

Airport badge management and airside access control is a challenge for airport management. Employees of both the airport or airport businesses and aeronautical service providers come and go and each one of them needs to go through the badging process. Airport managers and staff have the responsibility of vetting and approving badge-holders at their airports, […]

Ground Vehicle Management

For airports across the United States, security is a vital part of every process. Monitoring who is entering and exiting airport property, when and where they do it, and keeping detailed logs of ground traffic is vital to airport management. At RevJet, we give you the tools to take control of this vital data—and to […]

To the Clouds: The Growing Need for Browser-Based Airport Management

The beginning of the new decade may have brought new challenges and unforeseen roadblocks for airport managers, pilots, and aviation specialists, but it also highlighted the way forward for the industry. For many private pilots, hangar rent, utilities, and other costs became more of a concern during 2020. Airport staff found themselves waiving late fees […]