Is Ground Vehicle Permitting the Income Solution Your Airport Needs?

With air traffic ramping up again, passengers need safe, cost-effective, and convenient ways to get from the airport to their next destination. Shuttle buses, taxis, and rideshare services offer the solution, and keep your terminal roads from becoming too congested and lets you know who is using your airport.

In addition to providing a service to airport customers, commercial ground vehicles may be an untapped revenue stream and allow the airport to recover airport maintenance costs. Consider implementing a ground vehicle permitting platform for your airport. Affordable fees for your commercial partners build up over time and can have a significant impact on your yearly revenue. Tracking commercial vehicle activity is also a safety and security issue. Identifying commercial vehicle users ensure understanding of who is on your airport at any time. Annually, vehicle operators are involved in traffic incidents. The ability to track vehicles gives airport operators identifying and timely information in case of an incident or accident.  

A well-designed, automatic permitting solution can open this revenue stream and provide usable data to your team without requiring additional staff members or significant time-sink, making commercial ground vehicle permitting a clear win for your airport.

Balance your Budget

Buses, shuttles, and taxi services make up a significant portion of airport ground traffic. Assigning a small fee can have a big impact on your ability to recover facility maintenance expenses.

Between annual permit fees, and the potential for per-use rates, airports can see a significant boost to revenue. Set a rate for airport road usage, and collect low, repeat fees from bus and shuttle companies and taxis. Encourage permit use by charging lower rates for permit-holders over non-registered vehicles.

Set different rates for large shuttle groups, set specialized rates for airport business partners, and create custom permit types that meet your needs and those of your local community.

Invest in Data

Ground vehicle permitting offers airports another revenue stream, but an overlooked benefit lies in the data that a permitting system collects.

Permits and applications are an opportunity to gather vital data on your commercial partners. You can require applicants to supply business data and update it each time the permit needs to be renewed. This data could include statistics such as estimated yearly passengers, number of vehicles, vehicle type and capacity, license plate, registration, and insurance records, incident/accident data, and more.

Permit applications and renewals are key opportunities to improve safety on your roadways, protect other drivers, and analyze key passenger data even after passengers have left the airport.

A Solution that Works

But all the benefits offered by ground vehicle permitting can’t be activated without a system. RevJet360 is one of the companies offering airports the tools they need to recover maintenance expenses, cut down on costs, and improve productivity. It offers enterprise-level capabilities at a fraction of the cost, and is designed to streamline your processes, minimizing time-intensive tasks.

RevJet brings Delasoft’s years of experience permitting for government agencies to the field of airport permitting.

Highly customizable, automated applications cut down on time needed to gather, review, and approve permits. Applications route automatically through statuses and gather submitted data into an applicant record. In-browser payment portals and billing make it easy for staff and customers to pay application fees and usage tickets.

A flexible, scalable data structure with comprehensive reports equips airports and financial departments with the tools to identify users, high-traffic periods, permit-holder data trends, and changes in airport use over time.

RevJet can also integrate with a camera system (and even transponders), automatically generating events when a vehicle is detected. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) identifies the license plate numbers and checks the vehicle record against existing permits. Integration with C-View and DOT record lookup pulls vehicle data and allows you to bill transient commercial vehicles at a non-permitted rate.

RevJet360 offers a simple, cost-effective approach to ground vehicle permitting. In an information age, tracking ground vehicles and commercial partners has never been more vital for cost recovery and safety and security. To learn more about how RevJet can support your business objectives, reach out to us online or by phone or email.

About the Author

Kenneth G. Moen, A.A.E., C.A.E. began his journey into the world of aviation in 1977, with his enlistment in the US Army in 1977. This experience was followed by Army air traffic control school and subsequent graduation from community college. In 1982, Ken began his career as an air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration. During his tenure at the FAA, he earned his B.S. in Professional Aeronautics and Aviation Management, while founding and producing the Northern Nevada Business Weekly and the Wolf Pack Edge.  In 2009, Ken retired from the FAA and spent a year at Baghdad International Airport training Iraqi controllers and supporting US Military operations with Washington Consulting Group, before joining Reno-Tahoe International airport in 2011. Ken completed his A.A.E. airport management accreditation in July 2016. In 2018, Ken assumed the airport manager position at the Carson City Airport (CXP) until retiring in March 2021.