Ground Vehicle Management

For airports across the United States, security is a vital part of every process. Monitoring who is entering and exiting airport property, when and where they do it, and keeping detailed logs of ground traffic is vital to airport management.

At RevJet, we give you the tools to take control of this vital data—and to turn it into a new source of revenue.

Airport Permitting

RevJet started as a product of Delasoft, Inc. Back when we first developed the platform as a custom solution for one of our current clients, it was just one wing of a greater permitting and revenue management product family. Now it’s an independent solution with four powerful airport management modules.

Delasoft has been in the business of enterprise permitting software for over 15 years, and RevJet reflects that. With a focus on data management, detailed inventory records, and configurable applications and workflows, RevJet’s Ground Vehicle Management Module takes the best of our government permitting applications and applies these principles to airport permitting.

Airports across the U.S. are saving money and time by going digital and using enterprise permitting systems to track ground vehicles.

Your team can create permit types, build custom applications, review, and approve companies, send email notifications and accept payment online or in-person with an intuitive permitting toolkit. No coding experience is required!

Protect your staff and visitors by tracking insurance, recording violations, sending custom notices and notifications. Assign fees for failure to update insurance, and manage files and documents easily in-application, for a seamless digital permitting experience.

GA Ramp Access

Managing airside access to privately owned vehicles is a security and safety issue. Aircraft owners often need to drive on airside to access their hangar or aircraft tie down location. It is incumbent on the airport operator to ensure that vehicles accessing the airport are authorized to be on the airport and the driver is also authorized.

Airport access rules and regulations vary from airport to airport. Common rules require the vehicle be identified with a sticker and is properly insured. Vehicle operators are often required to have airside driving privileges which can include passing a criminal history background check, holding a valid drivers’ license, successfully passing an airport driving test, the issuance of airport access ID and/or access card and paying the appropriate cost recovery fee(s).  The administrative process can be time consuming and cumbersome.

The same process is required for commercial vehicles and operators adding to the workload of having to collect documents, administering airside driving tests and managing the administrative process.

Event Log

Commercial buses, food trucks, deliveries, FBO vehicles, and tenant vehicles must be tracked when they enter and exit airport property—and that’s where RevJet comes in.

Cameras automatically register activity, and create a record in an exportable event log, complete with filter and sort tools. Ground vehicle traffic records can all be accessed from your browser, complete with license plate images, DOT Look-up, time stamps, and more.

Automatic Billing

Increase your revenue by monetizing ground vehicle traffic. Permits bring in initial flat fees, and activity can be assigned additional fees, based on permit status, activity type, and more.

Our clients can easily create new permits and applications in-browser, and when the cameras capture activity entering airport premises, they create an event linked to the captured license plate number, check it against permit records, and automatically generate a fee based on your billing codes.

The vehicle owner can create an account for recurring activity and to apply for permits or pay as a guest using an event search and online payment portal.

Next Steps

To learn more about RevJet360, visit our website here. To learn whether Ground Vehicle Management is right for you, reach out to our team. We’re happy to demonstrate the software in action and offer a no-obligation assessment of your airport’s needs.

About the Author

Jay West is the Executive Vice President of Delasoft, Inc., and a founder of RevJet360. In his years of experience working with clients in the public and private sector, he has helped bring countless of enterprise software solutions to life. He knows the importance of a trusting relationship between the provider and the client, and strives to bring high-quality, cost-effective solutions to industry professionals.